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Investment by FedeZu Group (previously the De Zuniga Real Estate Group) always distinguished by high quality, thoughtful architectural concepts, technologies, best workmanship and attention to every detail. The company’s portfolio is mainly intimate, modern housing projects with services. We specialize in mini-apartments which are ideal for investment clients. FedeZu guarantee the highest quality for generations.


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Margerytka III etap

Inwestycja została zrealizowana w jednej z najszybciej rozwijających się części Warszawy. Tylko 12 km od Zalewu Zegrzyńskiego, do którego mogą Państwo dojechać uroczą ścieżką rowerową biegnącą wzdłuż pobliskiego Kanału Żerańskiego.

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Existing semidetached house divided in 2 apartments to be refurbished. The ground floor apartment will be extended into the big garden connecting it to the garage. The second apartment in the first floor will be enlarged with 2 bedrooms and bathroom under roof floor.

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Popularna 51

The Popularna 51 is a modern apartment for sale located in Warsaw, in the district Włochy.

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"Investing in real estate is not only the best, fastest, but above all, the only way to become rich."

This timeless truth that has survived many crises. Real estate is an important element of the capital market and upon which is built a fortune for many generations. Is there any BUT? When you invest in real estate with an experienced developer does not have any BUT. FedeZu guarantees the highest quality, backed by 10 years experience in the property development market. We specialize in real estate investment, namely those in which the best and safest earns.

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Comercial prepeses

The profitability of the order of 10 percent. and more? It's possible, if you own a flat service. We offer such premises - great site, great location, metric area from 55 m2, prices from 7200 net per m2.

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You need office for yourself? Or maybe you want to buy and make money by renting it? We invite you to know our offer. We have both the small office space approx. 20 m2 and modern, spacious office space on the top floors of 200 m. terrace.

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mini apartments

From always studio flat earned best. It is also the fastest-transferable nature of the property. What is changing, but rather decreases, their surface. Currently, the most sought after are mini-apartments with the area. approx. 20 m2 and it is on them now earns the most. FedeZu has a very rich offer just such apartments.

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wineLinaje de Zuñiga

Wine from the best Spanish wineries soon on Polish "parapets". We are working on a new brand of excellent wine. Details soon.

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Become partner

The new and extremely profitable form of raising capital on a business venture. It enables the implementation of the outstanding projects, the developer. In exchange for payment, investors can count on very attractive provide feedback. What? About this soon.

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